It's Official: Men Are Shopping More Like Women Than Ever Before !

July 26th, 2019BY Megan Gustashaw

By Megan Gustashaw


Today in unsurprising news: According to several experts interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, men are browsing, impulse buying, and experimenting with trends like never before. We say it’s unsurprising because, well, look around. From the rise of the style-icon athlete to the prevalence of men making headlines on the red carpet, to athleisure and man-buns and, damn, Zoolander, the idea of men being a little bit obsessed with fashion has been impossible to ignore. And no, we’re not just saying that because it’s our job to create hype around such things. Consider these stats from the WSJ piece, which illuminate what’s happening here:

Mr Porter’s mobile traffic is up from 12% a couple of years ago to 25% today—a possible sign that men are no longer limiting themselves to quick, targeted shopping trips. They’re browsing too.

According to the marketing agency Ogilvy, 94% of American men consider their personal style to be “defined”. That they think about their personal style in the first place is kind of something, right?

And a study by Euromonitor revealed that 11% of men started using facial cleanser in the last three years and 6.1% of men said they now buy it several times a month. That's not the majority, but it shows some serious momentum.

What does this mean for you? More brands launching menswear collections (Stella McCartney was the latest this week), more startups trying to catch your attention (we'll spare you the press release we just got for a self-buttoning shirt), more stores opening cool concept shops with cafes and bars located within (see: Club Monaco), and more choices at the stores you already love (Mr Porter now carries some 400 labels). So, all good things. Your future is looking decidedly more handsome.

Hey, why not buy yourself something to celebrate?